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Blogs in the Corporate World

Why are blogs the way of the World these days? Blogs have made a huge impact in today’s society, especially because we are internet literate. Corporations are slowly choosing to make blogs between their employees and also for customers to read and discuss their opinions. There are both sides of the spectrum and I am going to discuss both. I understand why blogs could be beneficial to a company. They can receive feed back on a product and analyze how they can improve it. They also can become more personal with their customers and take into consideration their thoughts and feelings about different issues. I also think that blogs between employees is a great way to stay in contact. If a boss wanted to make a general comment to all the employees, writing it on a blog may be more beneficial than sending a mass email. Now for the other side of the argument; why blogs can not be useful. Companies, like Sony and Wal-Mart, take advantage of the idea that you do not know who the person writing the blog is and make up a fake story. This is one of the big reasons why my generation is not trustworthy of today’s society. You never know who is telling the truth, who is really who they say they are and so on. It makes us question everyone and this is not they way I would want things but it is the way it is because of people who do not tell the truth. Me, personally, I would not start a blog for my company because I feel that it has not made it big enough yet to make an impact. I feel that my generation is what companies aim to. We are the next generation of doctors, lawyers and politicians and we can make a difference. To further discuss the trust issue, I feel that Americans have lost the trust of many, even in their own country. If I was a company in a different country, I would probably have more motive to use blogs or even make a blog for my company because they are more trustworthy. I have learned this just by the few months that I have lived in Spain. I notice that Europe trusts their citizen much more, which I like. For example, even though this is the littlest thing, but when you go into a Tapas restaurant they trust you to bring the toothpicks to the front and pay. In American this would never happen. No restaurant would do this because many people would just walk out without paying. I wish things in America were more trustwrothy than they are. All of this comes back to why I do not believe the blogs out there. When they say that Obama has a blog and answers all of the citizens quetsions, I beg to differ. I do not have trust in many things of the world.