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El Periodico Newspaper

sunsentinelLooking over the El Periodico I noticed that most of the sections, such as sports and economy, are pretty much the same. My newspaper from home, The Sun Sentinel, is very similar in that aspect. They also both have newspapers for different regions. The Sun Sentinel for example is most of south Florida. It’s my area, Boca Raton, and the surrounding areas as well. While I was looking through the El Periodico I noticed that in the classified section they advertise women; women selling theme selves for money, also known as prostitution. This type of thing would never happen in a newspaper in the United States. Prostitution is illegal in the U.S and I am assuming from the newspaper it is not here. I think that it is vulgar and should not allow being in any newspaper. Women should not be selling themselves as though they are an object meant for sale. It disgusted me that they would even consider having that in a newspaper. I know that prostitution still goes on in the United States but it is not as clear as it is here.

Another aspect of the newspapers is that the El Periodico is a lot more colorful. The Sun Sentinel uses color but I felt as though the newspaper in Spain had more, and also seemed as though it had more pictures but that might not be true. The Sun Sentinel, while looking through it online, I noticed that they had a few articles about Spain and the El Periodico had a few articles about the United States. For both countries they mention each other, in my opinion, about the same amount. They write articles on what they believe should be printed.

Overall, my conclusion, is that media has influence on most people. Whether or not you read the newspaper or see little clippings of it while you are walking past a news stand, something catches your eye and that’s the point. Every newspaper is out there to get your attention one way or another. I am a mass media communications major and have learned the ways of media. They are all after one thing, you. Newspapers, radio shows and news shows, whether they will admit it or not, place things in certain orders and timing to make sure you hear exactly what they want and for how long. Even the newspapers control the length of the article and tell the writer the strong points to make sure they are in the article were the reader can easily spot it. Media has a way of getting to all of us whether we like it or not.