Live Life to The Fullest

My thoughts about life; as my semester abroad is coming to an end my feelings and emotions start to develop. My time these past three in half months have been unexplainable. I have learned so much about myself and others. I do not want being abroad to end more than anything but as it does I reflect back to the amazing experiences that I have had. The time that I have spent here I would not change for the world. It was worth everything. I have learned about myself, how to make travel plans last minute, being in other countries knowing nothing about the language or culture and learning while you are there. This trip has made me grow up more than I could have imagined. I have met amazing people and have shared so many great memories with them. As this chapter ends in my life, another one begins. I have to back to reality and continue on with my goals in life. I am going home to study for the LSATS, a test you take before law school, and also find an internship. Having to go back to reality and work makes me sad but I have learned one major thing being here in Barcelona. Life is worth so much. I love living the life I do and I wish more people felt like that. Each day is a new day to go after your goals or ambitions and every single person should take advantage of that. Open your hearts to others and learn things that you would normally think you wouldn’t. Help out someone that is need because actions speak louder than words. Life moves fast enough as it is and never wish your life away. Live in the moment. I appreciate that my parents gave me the opportunity to come to Barcelona and experience another culture. I can now bring back my experiences and views to my home and maybe share them with others. Many people are ignorant to change or accepting others. Many people do not fully understand that life is a beautiful thing. For all of those people I feel sorry for. I wish people would stop judging and accept. Stop hating and just have peace and love.


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