Amsterdam and Legalizing Marijuana

This past weekend I went to Amsterdam. Probably one of my favorite trips, and not because of the legalized weed or the red light district but because it was a beautiful city. I was there for four days and every day had plenty to do. I thought that people there were extremely nice and the food was amazing. I was there the weekend of the Scotland Netherlands soccer game and if I didn’t know better I would have thought I was in Scotland. I stayed in a great hotel, the Bilderberg Hotel and overall had the best time. Now that I have bored you with the details of my trip I do actually want to talk about the fact that marijuana is legalized in Amsterdam. I can honestly say that I do not smoke pot but that I think Amsterdam is smart for legalizing it. Walking around the city and walking into the coffee shops, I realized that they have such a relaxed atmosphere. I feel that because they make marijuana legal nobody makes a big deal of it. Living in the United States and then living in Barcelona I have realized how uptight Americans are. What a lot of people do not realize is that legalizing marijuana could really help the economy. We are spending way too much money putting those behind bars for selling weed or smoking it when we could use that money for far more important issues. The government wants to make arguments against marijuana and that its considered a “dangerous drug” but who said that it was dangerous? In an article about legalizing marijuana I found this, “Marijuana is not toxic and lethal the way the other drugs are that it is often grouped with. Scientific studies show that marijuana is not toxic to humans, and the “overdose” amount is so unrealistic as to be laughable. As in 1,500 lbs. in 15 minutes. Smoking that much pot is impossible. One thousand people couldn’t do it. Alcohol and tobacco are both more addictive and dangerous than marijuana.” What does not make sense to me is that tobacco and alcohol is more addictive but they want to look at marijuana as a so called “gateway” drug. They make buying tobacco 18 but the drinking age is 21, which makes absolutely no sense to me, and they look at marijuana as illegal. All of these things do not make sense, especially when tobacco and alcohol are both more addictive. What really bothers me about the drinking age is that you can go and fight for your country but you cannot sit down at a bar and have a beer. Who made this stupid law is beyond me. I wish that the government would wake up and realize that making a big deal about something makes people want it more. It goes along with the saying “you want what you can’t have.” This is human nature. Until the United States or someone else can prove to me that marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco and or alcohol than I still stand against the fact that it is illegal. Americans can die for their country, vote for a leader, smoke until they get cancer, drink until they die and gamble all of their belongings away but they cannot smoke marijuana.


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