saint-patys-51I choose to spend the weekend before Saint Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland. I have never been to Ireland, so I was extremely excited to visit. I arrived in Dublin March 13th and we made our way to our Hostel, Abbey Court. This hostel was by far the worst hostel I have ever stayed in. I would highly not recommended it to anyone else. The rooms looked like jail cells and the bathrooms were very unclean. I stayed there three nights to long. The first day there we went to the Guinness Factory. The factory was displayed very well. That night was one of the girls we were with 21st birthday. To Americans turning 21 is a big deal, to every other country its just another birthday. We celebrated that night and the next because it happened to be another girls 21st the following day as well. Saturday we went to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, one of the famous castle’s in Dublin and a museum. Sunday we made our way to a Saint Patrick’s Day festival that was going on downtown. I enjoyed Ireland a lot. The people were really nice and the food was very close to American. It was nice to have American food for a change. What I did notice about Dublin was the high prices. My friends and I had McDonald’s one morning and even that was a bit pricey. Overall I would recommend Ireland but even if you speak english you may need a translator.


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