Politics 2.0

American politics compared to most countries is very different. Politicians spend much more effort and money into their campaign. They start their campaigning almost two years before the election even begins and they are extremely clear in their beliefs. I have lived in the United States all my life so I only know America’s way of politics but I can say that I do not totally agree with it. Politics should not be swarmed all over the television for a year before the election begins. Also, the amount of money that politicians spend on campaigns is sickening. What happened to voting for a president or senate based solely on their views. Now a day it is based on how much money you put into your campaigning. I also feel that several Americans vote based on their party only. They do not listen to the candidates point of views before making up their mind, which in my eyes is what makes many voters uneducated. I believe, in my opinion, that there are more voters than there should be that do not totally understand what they are voting for. Several Americans just follow the rest of the crowd than truly vote for what they believe. There are also many that are ignorant and do not want to listen to the other side. I consider myself well educated when it comes to politics but of course I do not know everything. I try to always be informed and educated when it comes to what I truly believe in. I think that both parties whether republican or democrat has a lot of offer to make the United States better but we need to focus on that instead of the little things that do not matter. America needs to focus on America. We have a problem with wanting to save other countries but our country needs saving first, we are to worried about other countries that we have let ours get to the point it is in now. We also have made decisions in choosing a president that is very inexperienced. I worry about what is happening and what is going to happen in the future with the economy. It is hard for me to trust a man that does not have a lot of experience to back him up. From what I have read, and this is just based on that because I am currently out of the country, but he is not backing what he was saying. Obama is getting a lot of criticism from people for not pulling through with what he said but once again I guess this is just a another politician lying to get his way to the top. I hope for my countries sake, he proves me wrong.


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