Facebook and Privacy

Facebook is the biggest thing since sliced bread. People of all ages are on Facebook networking with family and friends. You can add photos, share certain likes and dislikes and communicate back and forth with each other. These are all the upsides to Facebook, but what people don’t know is that everything that is put on Facebook can easily be tracked. When I apply for a job and that company wants to look me up, than can easily go to Facebook and look at whatever information or pictures they want. Is this fair? Should we be responsible for what we share and what photos we put up? In my opinion this is not fair. Companies go onto Facebook and come across a picture of you and your friends drinking one night in college. They think that it is inappropriate and use it against you, you don’t get hired. The way I see it is we should be allowed to have a life outside the “working world.” What we do on our free time is our choice and because our generation is in the era of internet frenzy, we should not be punished. I am sure that the employer that did not hire you because of that picture has done the same or worse things in his life. The biggest argument though is where do you draw the line? Is it ok to have someone drinking alcohol but then you see a picture of them smoking, are they both considered equal or is one worse than the other? This argument could go on for hours and both sides have strong arguments. I just wanted to tell my side of the argument. I am a 21 year old college student and I would not take back anything I have done. People live and learn and good decisions and bad ones make me who I am. A person should never be punished when it comes to work. Their ability to perform for their job has nothing to do with Facebook and pictures.


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