Multimedia Convergence, Good or Bad?

Every day media is changing. Technology as a whole is rapidly changing and media goes along with it. Now a day’s its not good enough to just have a cell phone, it has to go on the internet, take pictures, text, be able to send pictures, and occasionally make phone calls. With the technology growing, media has to keep up and the ways they do this is by making things easier for the reader. You can have articles sent to your phone about any topic you want, the second they are released. This is a huge media convergence in today’s society. Another is the multimedia story. In my opinion, multimedia stories are easier to read in the sense of I am going to pick and choose what I want to read. I click where I want to begin and end. An example of this that’s not a news story is Facebook, one of the fastest growing social networking sites. In a way though it is an example of a multimedia story, but it is telling a story of a person. You can click anywhere you want on the persons profile page. You can see info than look at pictures and then read their page; it doesn’t have a certain order of events. The last example of multimedia convergence is exactly that definition. Media companies are buying out other media companies, limiting the amount of information we are receiving. “The idea of the new century comes with a variety of innocent labels conveying a single conspiratorial idea: One media company sending out its collection of news to the public through a variety of media 24 hours a day. This is the opposite end of the media spectrum where different companies own different pieces of the media. Instead, in this brave new world of news and information, one company would own the city’s major newspaper, television station, radio station, and multimedia website” (The Brave New World of Multimedia Convergence). Exactly this is what is wrong with the media today. When there are only a few media companies owning everything from TV stations to websites, they are relaying the same information. We have no variety anymore with our media. The companies are caring more about owning everything than giving society the right information. Also a big problem this brings is the news is very biased. It is not giving enough of other people’s views on situations and politics. The news is making our minds up for us. Pretty soon its going to be two major companies owning everything and the variety that we are use to, is going to change.


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