Valencia and Milan

Two weekends ago I decided to pick up and go to Valencia on short notice. My friends and I took the bus there. We arrived very early, checked into the hotel and went site seeing. We saw the usual tourist attractions and did the typical shopping. What I loved about Valencia was that it was, in my opinion, very different from Barcelona. Even though it was a city, it wasn’t as crazy and fast moving as Barcelona. The people were friendlier in my experiences with them and it was much easier practicing my Spanish. I felt that the city as a whole was a little bit wealthier. I saw nice cars more often than I do in Barcelona and Valencia seemed to be a bit more expensive. The ironic thing about Valencia is that the college I attend back home, Florida State University, their study abroad program goes to Valencia Spain. But obviously I choose to go to Barcelona instead, which I am extremely happy with my choice. I come back from Valencia, happy that I went and saw another part of Spain, but very happy with being back in Barcelona.

Another week goes by and I’m off to another city. I went to Milan, Italy this past weekend. I ate some wonderful food and had a great time. I traveled with my best friend’s family and her. We stayed in the Michelangelo Hotel. It was very nice, but a bit over priced. We arrived in Milan, once again extremely early, having the whole day Friday to explore. We saw the Duomo, which is one of the three largest Cathedrals in the world. It was beautiful! The shopping in Milan was great for window shopping. They have all the designer shopping you can imagine. The city is great for fashion events and fashion lovers because it is known as the fashion capital of the world.

What I noticed about Italy, compared to Barcelona, is the friendly people and the great food. The food, in my opinion, is much more my type in Italy than here. I enjoy the pasta and pizzas and the fact that they believe in turkey and Spain only believes in ham, ham, and some more ham. Don’t get me wrong I love ham, but Barcelona and their ham is a bond I do not understand. The people are a little bit more responsive when you are trying to communicate. They are very friendly and helpful. The bad thing about Italy is that it is very expensive. A lot of the restaurants were over priced for what you received. Barcelona is not like that at all. You can sit down at a good restaurant and have a great meal for a very good price. I could not find that in Milan. Overall I loved Italy but Barcelona is still my favorite city.




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