Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps

My first trip was to Interlaken, Switzerland. I flew into Geneva and took a train into Interlaken. I have never been to Switzerland and to my surprise it was beautiful. I arrived on Friday evening and checked into Balmers Hostel. It is the famous hostel in Interlaken and very cute looking. Afterwards, I enjoyed a big dinner with friends and than proceeded to the bar that was located on the bottom floor of Balmers. The next day I took a bus to another area of Interlaken and hiked up a mountain. My friends and I brought a picnic and ate half way up the mountain, it was amazing. After our hike, we walked to the lake that was in the center of Interlaken and walked around it. The site was indescribable. My friends and I would take pictures and the pictures did not do the site any justice. We made our way back to Balmers for a quick nap before a few of us were going night sledding. Around 5:30, we headed out for dinner on top of the Swiss alps, followed by night sledding and than a wine that was made hot. The dinner entitled Swiss cheese fondu with bread. A true Swiss meal. Afterwards we headed outside and made our way down the mountain on sleds. It was the worst and best experience. It was scary at first and than you got the hang of it and it was incredible. Sledding down the Swiss alps at night was truly remarkable. The scenery was beautiful. That evening we arrived back to Balmers around 11pm and tried to stay up but did not go as planned. Sunday morning we checked out of the hostel and took a train back to Geneva. We arrived in Geneva in the evening and walked around town for a little and had dinner. Most of the shops were closed because it was Sunday, so I did not get to see that much of Geneva but what I saw, was nice. We slept in Geneva for the night and took at 7am flight Monday morning back to Barcelona. My first trip abroad was successful. Switzerland was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. I also noticed while I was there, that the cities were very clean. The streets were kept clean and the buildings always looked clean as well. Switzerland was a great trip.  



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