My first few weeks in Barcelona

I arrived in Barcelona on January 12th. I am currently in a program named CEA, Cultural Experiences Abroad. I am taking

4 classes, 12 credits. When I first arrived in Barcelona the first few days were rough. It took some getting use to the way people

live. I had to learn to eat meals later than usual and also the nightlife here is much later than where I am from. The first weekend

I was here, I was unfortunate and got the flu. I was in bed for three days trying to rest and get better. After the first weekend,

I began exploring Barcelona and the area that I live in. I have been to the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guells, Museo de Chocolata

and several restaurants. I am currently living in Resiencia Onix with other students in CEA. It is set up with two beds, two

closets, a bathroom and a little kitchenet. I have realized that living in Barcelona, people here are a lot more layed back than

where I come from. The food here is very different than what I am use to and it has taken some time to get use to. Overall my

experience here has been different but amazing. I hope that the rest of my stay here I will learn alot more.


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